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Winner: German Brand Award 2019 & German Design Award 2018

Sustainable and future-proof

The DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters were subjected to a long-term test by TÜV SÜD.
The calculated service life is approximately 125,000 heating hours = 125 years

DIGEL HEAT: Your infrared heater directly from the manufacturer

Made in Germany

People like to be warm, and, most of all, they enjoy the feeling of sunshine on their skin. So why do without on cold, grey days? Your decision to feel good begins with an infrared heater from DIGEL HEAT. Infrared heaters ensure the same wellbeing in every season because they use the principle of radiant heat. This is perceived on the skin as particularly beneficial and stimulating and creates a pleasant indoor climate.

Here you will find the right heating solutions for your project, for every room, for every project, for every design idea. We can supply you with the right infrared heaters: Classic infrared heaters,, infrared picture heaters, infrared glass picture heaters, infrared mirror heaters, infrared glass heaters, infrared bulletin board heaters, Floor standing heater, infrared heaters for travelling

THE DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters brand has been awarded the German Brand Award 2019 twice.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Five-year guarantee

Five-year guarantee



Easy to install

Easy to install

How much output do I even need?

Here are the most important facts and figures: What are the acquisition costs?
How many watts of heating power do I need for my rooms and what do the heating costs with an infrared heater look like?


Overview of our infrared heaters

Infrarotheizung Classic

Classic infrared heater

Simple in appearance, full power in performance. The white Classic infrared heater holds back discreetly. Its extremely resistant surface keeps it beautiful even in busy environments.

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Infrared picture heater

Our German Design Award winner can also be seen in a variety of colours. You decide for yourself which colours and motifs you want to use to design your rooms. The infrared image heater is available with or without an aluminium frame.

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Infrared glass picture heater

With the infrared glass picture heater, atmospheric window effects can be achieved with the right motif, with warming added value. Just a few minutes after switching on, you can relax with a pleasant room climate.

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Infrared glass heater

Straight lines and strong design. The infrared glass heater is the purist variant among our infrared heaters. Make your home or office space clean with a high-quality, efficient heat source. With or without aluminium frame.

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Infrared mirror heater

Triply practical: Mirror, heater and design object in one. The infrared mirror heater provides a clear view and a cosy hot bath. Even in the dressing room or in the hallway, it dispels any frosty moment.

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Infrared bulletin board heater

Family messages or short notes for later – messages need a central point. The infrared bulletin board heating quickly becomes a valuable communication tool, while still providing pleasant heat.

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Future-proof heating with infrared heaters


The infrared heater in use

With our infrared heaters, we supply modern heating solutions for every requirement. We have set ourselves the task of thinking about heating in a different dimension. Away from the annoying utility element, towards freely designed interiors. Not only effective in performance, but also suitable for any ambience. Equipped with DIGEL HEAT infrared technology, proven a million time over, our heating elements heat up all surfaces and bodies in the room quickly and efficiently.

Infrarotheizung Angebot

Calculate your infrared heating needs and receive an offer!

In many cases, infrared heating is the most efficient and cost-effective heating solution. Take advantage of our calculation tools and get a first overview. For example, you can calculate your acquisition costs and estimated consumption costs with our heating cost calculator for infrared heaters. In our infrared heating planner, you can enter your living spaces and receive an offer tailored precisely to your requirements.

What our customers say:

Simply great!

"At the end of 2016, we equipped our entire house (145 m²) with infrared heaters. We're thrilled."

Fünf-Sterne Bewertung

Markus L. from 93129 Burglengenfeld

The infrared heaters are great!!

"After months back and forth, I was able to convince my wife. She never wants to heat any other way again."

Fünf-Sterne Bewertung

Michael E. from 38550 Isenbüttel

Surprisingly good

"I'm glad I chose Digel heaters. Good service and very good product"

Fünf-Sterne Bewertung

Nadja T. from 97006 Würzburg

Fast delivery, easy assembly

"Ordered through a specialist dealer, delivered after three days. Assembled and in use on day 4. Great!"

Fünf-Sterne Bewertung

Alfons K. from 38550 Isenbüttel

I already had infrared heaters

"This is my first DIGEL HEAT infrared heater and I am impressed by the quality and performance!"

Fünf-Sterne Bewertung

Michael T. from 38550 Isenbüttel

Best advice and service

"We may not have been the easiest customers, but it was worth it. Many thanks!"

Fünf-Sterne Bewertung

Ines S. from 60327 Frankfurt

Quality made in Germany

"The most beautiful heater I have ever seen. I would never heat up with anything else again.

Fünf-Sterne Bewertung

Dominik W. from 50823 Köln

Product was completely convincing

"We saw the infrared heater in a retailer's exhibition and took it with us immediately."

Fünf-Sterne Bewertung

Manuela A. from 20251 Hamburg

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