Long-term testing of DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters by TUV SÜD

We have been able to prove to our customers time and again in the past that our company's infrared heaters are not only of high quality, but also represent a long-term investment in your home. Just how long-term the viability of this investment is, however, has now been tested for us by TUV SÜD.


Long-term testing of our infrared heaters by TUV SÜD

The DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters have been subjected to long-term testing by TUV SÜD.
The calculated service life is about 125,000 hours of heating = 125 years

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The long-term infrared heater test

We had the TUV SÜD subject our DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters to long-term testing to determine the service life. The endurance test took place on the basis of two criteria: heating cycles and switching operations.

The first test requirement "Heating cycles" began on 9 February 2019 and examined how many heating cycles our infrared heaters could achieve over its service life. For this purpose, the heating system was heated up to a surface temperature of 90°C, cooled down to 50°C and then heated again. Until completion of the testing on 28 February 2019, our heating system went through 25,788 cycles.

The second test requirement "Switching operations" was to measure whether our infrared heater is able to successfully switch on and off 1 million times. This test started on 7 February 2019 and was successfully completed on 28 February 2019.

The result is impressive: Our infrared heating system has a calculated service life of approximately 125,000 hours and is fully functional even after more than 1 million switching operations.

Calculation basis

  • We assume 200 heating days a year, each with 5 hours of daily heating, i.e., 1,000 full-use hours a year.
  • The expected switching cycles per hour corresponded to 8 switching operations. Multiplied by 1,000 full-use hours per year, 8,000 switching cycles per year is the result.

In summary, this corresponds to a possible service life of 125 years!

The result underlines our efforts to not only offer our customers a wide range of products, but also meet the highest quality standards. Our experts in research and development, permanently installed monitoring systems in every production step and our special know-how in the processing of stainless steel heating conductors are just some of the reasons why the DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters can achieve such a long service life. Our products not only heat effectively with energy savings, but they also have long service lives. And that fact has now even been TUV-certified and presented to you in an understandable format.

Fabian Digel - Managing Director

„We at DIGEL HEAT are naturally aware of the high quality demands under which we produce. The long-term testing by TUV SÜD should prove this fact to you transparently!“
DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters stand for quality!

Fabian Digel, Managing Director

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