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Here you can easily plan your infrared heating system and have the needed wattage calculated live, room by room. You will then be able to request an individual and non-binding offer. Optionally, you can also select a free consultation.

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Step 1

Building insulation and ceiling height

Building insulation information

  • Passive house: Very well-insulated house, according to passive house standards
  • Well-insulated: Buildings built after 2004 or renovated according to Energy Savings Ordinance EnEV2004 or EnEV2007
  • Medium-insulated: Basic insulation of the building is provided.
  • Poorly insulated: Buildings built before 1990 and without subsequent energy renovation.

Ceiling height information
The ceiling height also plays a major role in the calculation. Rooms with high ceiling heights generally require more heating power. This information is taken into account by our experts when preparing the quotation.

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Step 2

Create the rooms to be heated

Here you can enter your area to be heated, room by room. With a suitable room designation, you can better assign the rooms later in the offer.
Note: If you have the option of mounting the infrared heater on the ceiling, you will achieve higher efficiency and thus save heating costs in the long term.

Room 1

Heating requirement:

Raum 2

Heating requirement:

Raum 3

Heating requirement:

Raum 4

Heating requirement:

Raum 5

Heating requirement:

Raum 6

Heating requirement:

Raum 7

Heating requirement:

Raum 8

Heating requirement:

Raum 9

Heating requirement:

Raum 10

Heating requirement:

Raum 11

Heating requirement:

Raum 12

Heating requirement:

Raum 13

Heating requirement:

Raum 14

Heating requirement:

Raum 15

Heating requirement:

Raum 16

Heating requirement:

Raum 17

Heating requirement:

Raum 18

Heating requirement:

Raum 19

Heating requirement:

Raum 20

Heating requirement:

Add room


Total area:

Total heating requirement:

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Step 3

Contact information for quotation

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Note: The values calculated here are average values. Consumption and heating requirements depend heavily on user behaviour. This information does not replace advice. Let our infrared heating experts advise you now or after you receive the offer

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Advice and customer service

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