Fast heat for every room

Fast heat for every room according to the principle of the sun

The principle of infrared heating

In addition to the visible light, the sun radiates a spectrum of colours onto the earth that is not noticeable to the human eye. This includes the electromagnetic waves of infrared radiation. If infrared radiation hits solid bodies, its surface warms up and dissipates this heat back to the environment. Infrared radiation not only generates heat on human skin. It penetrates the upper layers of the skin, which contributes to pleasant wellbeing and stimulates metabolism.

How does an infrared heater work?

Infrared heaters take advantage of the principle of radiant heat. Unlike conventional convection heaters, they do not heat the air. Rather, by passing infrared waves directly onto walls, ceilings, furniture and the human body, they quickly and easily provide a pleasant indoor climate and relaxing deep heat. Without dust and air turbulence. The technology behind it: a special heating wire is installed in the heating modules over a large area. This can heat up to 100°C in a very short time and release the heat directly to the room.

Investing in the future with foresight

DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters can be operated wherever there is a power connection. High investment costs in complex pipework systems are not required. Each heating module is autonomous and ready to use with full power as soon as it is switched on. In terms of renewable energies, infrared heating is the perfect partner for photovoltaic and wind power plants. Good reasons to choose an infrared heater from DIGEL HEAT.

How much wattage do I even need?

Here are the key facts and figures: What are the acquisition costs?
How many watts of heating power do I need for my rooms and what do the heating costs with an infrared heater look like?

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Low investment costs

DIGEL HEAT heaters only need one power connection. Therefore, complex construction work for laying pipes is not necessary. Convenient in new construction and heating system exchanges in old buildings.

Low operating costs

Electrically powered heaters are too expensive? Wrong! DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters are so efficient that their use is demonstrably worthwhile.

Use of own solar energy

Do you already have a photovoltaic system on your roof? Use it to heat your house. This is worthwhile and environmentally friendly, whilst having a positive impact on the ecological footprint.

Space-saving and easy to install

Central heating requires a separate room. An infrared heater only needs a socket. Have you ever hung a picture? Then you can also install an infrared heater from DIGEL HEAT.

No maintenance costs

Chimney sweep? Not necessary. Expensive maintenance contract? You don’t need it. Having to pay attention to prices and organise oil or pellet deliveries? Not with an infrared heater.

Wellbeing guaranteed

Heat from infrared radiation is perceived as particularly pleasant. Best of all: There is no air and dust turbulence.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Five-year guarantee

Five-year guarantee



Easy to install

Easy to install

This is provided by a DIGEL HEAT infrared heater

DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters are more efficient than almost any other heater. With our knowhow, we are able to master the functional principle and material processing so well that we can guarantee high-performance and high-quality products.

Fast heating phase

Quality that is second to none – DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters

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