Heating system planning with infrared heaters

DIGEL HEAT Infrared heater as an economical electric heater for rental and commercial properties

Whether a new building or an old building, for rental properties or commercial properties, the total investment package is calculated in the same way as the investment period. Reduction in construction time and cost savings in construction costs and maintenance are good arguments for the installation of an infrared heater. This can save you the time-consuming laying of pipes and eliminate the need for a boiler, fuel maintenance and regular maintenance. The acquisition costs for the decentralised infrared heating modules amount to a convincing 50 percent compared to conventional heating systems. Overview of our infrared heaters

Call up full power. In addition to long-lasting material quality, DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters offer high heat dissipation into the room. They convert 100 percent of electrical energy into pleasant heat immediately after switching on. Exactly where it is needed. Because people perceive this radiation like solar heat, the room temperature can be reduced to approx. 20°C.

Optimise energy consumption. In combination with the perfect building insulation and energy production through an in-house photovoltaic system, the power consumption can be further reduced. This makes your investment properties even more attractive.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Five-year guarantee

Five-year guarantee



Easy to install

Easy to install

The future-oriented energy solution

The future-oriented energy solution

In cooperation with focusEnergie, DIGEL HEAT offers a future-oriented energy solution: Infrared heating + photovoltaic accumulator.

Read all the details in our information brochure:

Energy solution

einfache Installation

Low installation time and effort

Infrared heating modules are simply connected to the power supply conveniently through a socket or through a direct connection to a 220 V line laid by an electrician. For renovation or new construction, only small wiring slots or special floorboards have to be planned. The decentralised heating system can be expanded at any time without limiting the use of space by complex installation work. As a result, the modernisation costs remain predictable.

Wartungsfrei und langlebig

Durable and maintenance-free

With a decentralized heating system such as infrared heating, you can save time-consuming maintenance work on boilers and pumps. There is also no need to renew old pipes. Autonomous, maintenance-free DIGEL HEAT heating modules are German masterpieces of functional principle and material processing. With five-year functional warranty on heating and control elements. The modules can be replaced without expensive building work in case of damage.

Für Hochwassergebiete

Save on heating bills

Infrared heating can significantly reduce the operating costs of your investment property. As the heating modules are operated via power meter, the consumption appears directly on the user's electricity bill. You save on the costs of mounting the readers, the reading service and billing. The organizational and bureaucratic time and effort is eliminated. Calculate your costs here...

How much wattage do I even need?

Here are the key facts and figures: What are the acquisition costs?
How many watts of heating power do I need for my rooms and what do the heating costs with an infrared heater look like?

Calculate live now

Plan more living space

Plan more living space

Each square meter of living space counts in the economic calculation of purchase price and rent. By choosing an infrared heating system, you no longer need to include a heating cellar in your planning. In terms of the layout of the room, this opens up interesting new possibilities. In particular, you can score points with more attractive living space, especially in semi-detached and terraced houses with limited space.

Plan today – implement tomorrow

Plan today – implement tomorrow

Scheduling work can be streamlined considerably with the help of infrared heating. Complex installation work for heating pipes is no longer necessary. Only electrical connections need to be prepared. The installation time per heating module is usually approx. 15 minutes. This can be easily scheduled for after the completion of painting. Let us know when your plan is ready. We produce and deliver on time, even at short notice.

Für Hochwassergebiete

Flexible in positioning

The commissioning of a building and the occupation of the individual apartments usually take place at different times. With an infrared heater, you remain flexible in the placing of the heating modules; this task can be performed later as required. This saves you investment costs in vacant apartments for purchase and rental properties. In addition, you can offer your buyers and tenants an interesting added value by letting them have a say in the placement of heaters and take their furniture into account.

Fabian Digel - Managing Director

„Just like our infrared heating modules, we too can ramp up output immediately, and produce and deliver even large order volumes at short notice.“

Fabian Digel, Managing Director

Sizes of DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters – Dimensioning aid depending on insulation standard/year of construction

Our tip: Control the heater with DIGEL HEAT's modern SmartHome thermostats for comfortable heating.

Insulation standard in year of construction 1990

Living space Suitable wattage
2 m² 250 W
4 m² 420 W
6 m² 750 W
8 m² 820 W
10 m² 1150 W
122 m² 1250 W
14 m² 2 x 750 W

Insulation standard in year of construction 2000

Living space Suitable wattage
2 m² 250 W
4 m² 350 W
6 m² 540 W
8 m² 750 W
10 m² 720 W
122 m² 1150 W
14 m² 1250 W

Insulation standard in year of construction 2010

Living space Suitable wattage
2 m² 250 W
4 m² 250 W
6 m² 350 W
8 m² 540 W
10 m² 540 W
122 m² 750 W
14 m² 820 W

For larger living spaces, the heaters can be combined with ease. Contact one of our local sales partners for expert advice!

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Beispiel-Referenzobjekt: Einfamilienhaus KfW 40 plus bei Günzburg

Beispiel-Referenzobjekt: Einfamilienhaus KfW 40 plus bei Günzburg

  • Baujahr: 2013
  • Bauart: KfW 40 plus inkl. Photovoltaikanlage und Speicher
  • Fläche: ca. 195 m²
  • Heizsystem: DIGEL HEAT Infrarotheizungen
  • Heizleistung: 5,6 kW
  • Anzahl der Heizelemente: 7 Infrarotheizung Classic mit einem Stromverbrauch von ca 2.000 kWh/Jahr
  • Zusatzheizung: 1 Schwedenofen (1.000 kWh/Jahr)

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