The infrared heating standard

With the infrared heating Standard you rely on the DIGEL HEAT heating element, which has been proven thousands of times and is also used in all our other models. Unlike the infrared heating Classic a less expensive steel housing is used here. This saving allows us to offer a highly efficient and high quality infrared heating at an affordable price. The standard model is available in 7 wattages and sizes and can be used with maximum flexibility thanks to possible wall and ceiling mounting. The heater front is finished with our special powder coating (color: RAL 9016 - white). This gives the surface a very high emissivity, which further improves the heating performance.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

5 Jahre Garantie

Five-year guarantee

Smart Home kompatibel

Smart home compatible

Einfache Montage

Easy to install

The robust infrared heater for wall and ceiling mounting

Infrared heating Standard is ideally suited as the sole heating system for the entire house. However, individual rooms can be heated just as well modularly. With our feet, you can also use the infrared heating as a mobile stand-alone device. Especially in the transitional period the use of an infrared heating can be in exactly those places where it is cold and you need the heat can be very practical. Of course, all our models can be wonderfully combined with each other. combine with each other.

With our infrared heating calculator you can determine your heating requirements relatively accurately in just a few steps. You also get useful information about the heating costs and consumption. Of course, these values are to be understood as rough guidelines and do not replace a consultation. We always recommend a consultation with one of our experts.

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The DIGEL HEAT infrared heater can be connected to any 230 volt AC outlet. For a fixed connection without plug and socket, please talk to an electrician you trust - electrics is a matter for professionals!


The infrared heater Standard is suitable for wall and ceiling mounting. With the help of the included mounting kit, the heater can be quickly and easily installed and put into operation.


Our convenient control options and SmartHome components regulate the desired room temperature quickly and precisely. This ensures a consistent heating experience and saves you heating costs.

The highlights of infrared heating standard:

  • Infrared heating Standard provides pleasant infrared heat in just a few minutes
  • Ready for use immediately: Unpack the heater, mount it and enjoy the warmth
  • Flexibility: To be mounted on wall and ceiling
  • Maintenance-free: DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters do not require expensive maintenance and repairs
  • Prevents mold: The infrared radiation dries walls and mold dies off
  • Simple and flexible control options
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • 5 years warranty and best service

Model Size (cm) Power (W) for area (m²) Weight (kg)
ST-250 70 x 30 250 Watt 3 - 6 m² 5 Kg
ST-430 90 x 40 430 Watt 6 - 11 m² 8 Kg
ST-560 120 x 40 560 Watt 8 - 13 m² 10 Kg
ST-680 100 x 60 680 Watt 10 - 16 m² 13 Kg
ST-860 105 x 70 860 Watt 13 - 20 m² 16 Kg
ST-1035 150 x 60 1035 Watt 17 - 26 m² 19 Kg
ST-1350 170 x 70 1350 Watt 18 - 32 m² 24 Kg

Surface Sheet steel powder coated, white (RAL 9016)
Surface temperature approx. 90-100 degrees Celsius
Scope of application Direct heating for living rooms, workplace and business premises
Protection class IP 44
Voltage 230 Volt, 50 Hz
Assembly Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting

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Quality that is second to none - DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters

Made in Germnany 5 years warranty TÜV and GS Tested ROHS Seal CE Certified German Design Award Winner 2018 German Brand Award Winner 2019

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Info: Ecodesign Directive

We would like to inform you that in accordance with the EU Eco-design Directive 2009/125/EC, Regulation 2015/1188 laying down ecodesign requirements for individual room heaters has been issued.

This means that since 01.01.2018 the installation and commissioning of infrared heating systems is only permitted in conjunction with external room temperature controllers that fulfil the following functions: Electronic room temperature control with weekday control and remote control and/or window opening detector and/or adaptive control of the start of heating

Infrared heating systems without corresponding controls must not be operated.

Detailed information on the Ecodesign Directive

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