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The Classic infrared heater

With the Classic infrared heater from DIGEL HEAT, you can proverbially bring the sun into your house. Whether as a low-cost, fully fledged heating system, as an auxiliary heater in your favourite place, during the transition period or especially for allergy and rheumatism sufferers. The stylish and slimline infrared heaters of the DIGEL HEAT Classic series are characterized by a very short warm-up phase, an optimal distribution of the radiant heat and maximum efficiency. This makes DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters suitable for homes, workplaces, warehouses, reception areas or even additional heating at the desk.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

Five-year guarantee

Five-year guarantee



Easy to install

Easy to install

High-quality processing for many different applications:

The white front and rear panels are made of powder-coated aluminium and are resistant to scratches and abrasion even in harsh environments. Stone wool guarantees a high thermal insulation to the wall and maximum radiation of the heat into the room. The integrated hanging device allows easy installation on a wall or ceiling. Connection to a 230 V socket or directly to mains. Choose from a range of SmartHome thermostats for intelligent heat control in your home.

The infrared heating system, which has been proven by DIGEL HEAT millions of times, heats up all surfaces and bodies quickly and efficiently in the room, thus providing soothing wellness heat everywhere. DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters are ready for use immediately and release cosy heat just a few minutes after they have been switched on. And WITH DIGEL HEAT's modern SmartHome thermostats, you can easily adjust the desired heat to the outside temperatures quickly and precisely, without having to heat all the time – saving costs and protecting the environment.

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Your DIGEL HEAT infrared heater can be connected to any 230 V AC socket. For a fixed connection without a plug and socket, please speak to an electrician you trust – electrical is a professional matter!


Our Classic infrared heaters are suitable for wall and ceiling mounting. The heating system can be quickly and easily installed and commissioned using the enclosed mounting kit. Please refer to the assembly instructions.


Our comfortable SmartHome components control the desired room temperature quickly and precisely. This ensures a consistent heat experience from a cost-effective and resource-efficient perspective.

The following speaks for an infrared heater from DIGEL HEAT:

  • The Classic infrared heater provides healthy infrared warmth like the sun.
  • Ready to use: The Classic infrared heater heats up quickly and immediately provides you with heat.
  • Small spatial requirement: Simply install where the heat is needed
  • Maintenance-free: DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters do not require expensive maintenance and repairs
  • Prevents mould: The infrared radiation dries walls, killing off mould.
  • They are the new trend: With the SmartHome thermostats, you can control your personal feel-good heat efficiently and simply
  • Completely Made in Germany (Pfullingen)
  • Five-year warranty and best service

Model Size (cm) Power (W) for area (m²) Weight (kg)
CL-250 60 x 30 Size 60x30 250 Watt 3 - 6 m² 3,5 Kg
CL-350 90 x 30 Size 90x30 350 Watt 4 - 8 m² 5,0 Kg
CL-420 60 x 60 Size 60x60 420 Watt 6 - 11 m² 6,5 Kg
CL-540 80 x 60 Size 80x60 540 Watt 7 - 13 m² 8,0 Kg
CL-750 90 x 70 Size 90x70 750 Watt 12 - 20 m² 9,8 Kg
CL-820 170 x 40 Size 170x40 820 Watt 12 - 20 m² 9,8 Kg
CL-900 100 x 80 Size 100x80 900 Watt 14 - 23 m² 12,0 Kg
CL-930 130 x 60 Size 130x60 930 Watt 17 - 23 m² 15,3 Kg
CL-1150 120 x 80 Size 120x80 1150 Watt 17 - 29 m² 15,3 Kg
CL-1250 160 x 60 Size 160x60 1250 Watt 18 - 30 m² 15,3 Kg

Surface Powder-coated aluminium, white
Surface temperature Approx. 90-100 degrees Celsius
Scope of application Direct heating for living rooms, workplaces and business premises
Protection class IP 54
Voltage 230 Volt, 50 Hz
Assembly Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting

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Quality that is second to none – DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters

Made in Germnany Five-year guarantee TÜV and GS ROHS Siegel CE Zertifiziert Blauer Engel Siegel IGEF-Siegel German Design Award Winner 2018 German Brand Award Winner 2019

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Info: Ecodesign Directive

We would like to inform you that in accordance with the EU Eco-design Directive 2009/125/EC, Regulation 2015/1188 laying down ecodesign requirements for individual room heaters has been issued.

This means that since 01.01.2018 the installation and commissioning of infrared heating systems is only permitted in conjunction with external room temperature controllers that fulfil the following functions: Electronic room temperature control with weekday control and remote control and/or window opening detector and/or adaptive control of the start of heating

Infrared heating systems without corresponding controls must not be operated.

Detailed information on the Ecodesign Directive

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