Heating cost calculator for infrared heaters

With our heating cost calculator for infrared heaters, you can calculate the most important key figures with just three inputs. In the first field, select your square meters. (Note: Please select only the area to be heated, otherwise the result can be negatively affected.) In the second field, you select the insulation of the building and finally your current electricity rate.

Building insulation

  • Passive house: Very well-insulated house, according to passive house standards
  • Well-insulated: Buildings built after 2004 or renovated according to Energy Savings Ordinance EnEV2004 or EnEV2007
  • Medium-insulated: Basic insulation of the building is provided.
  • Poorly insulated: Buildings built before 1990 and without renewable energy renovation.

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Note: Results may vary depending on heating behaviour and region.

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How does the heating cost calculator for infrared heaters work?

The calculation shown here is for general orientation only and does not replace advice. We would be happy to explain the calculation using an example. We expect about 160 days of heating a year. In properly dimensioned living spaces, the infrared heating system runs about five hours a day.
In this example, we are looking for an infrared heater for a room with 10 m². The building insulation in our fictitious room is mediocre. Insulation measures were taken, but not in accordance with the Energy Saving Ordinance. With moderate insulation, the calculation basis is 70 W per square meter. Our assumed electricity rate is 26 cents/kWh.

The calculation looks like this:

Heating requirement = 10 m² (room size) x 70 (average insulation) = 700 W
Annual consumption = 700 W (heating requirement) x 200 (heating days per year) x 4 hours (operating time per day) : 1000 (conversion of watts into kWh) = 560 kWh
heating costs per year = 560 (kWh) x 0,26 (electricity price) = 145,60 euros
heating costs per month = 145,60 (euro) : 12 (months) = 12,13 euros

Recommendation: Be sure to get advice

We always offer our customers non-binding and individual advice. You will receive this advice free of charge from us and our partners! Our infrared heating experts can respond to your needs and your premises in a targeted manner during the consultation. You will receive valuable tips for controlling and placing the heaters, which can reduce operating times and increase efficiency. This naturally has a positive effect on heating costs and your consumption.

Use our quotation form to send us information on your living space and data, and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

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