Reference project: 100 "smart" apartments in Vienna, a major project.

Schmid Holzbau GmbH relies on DIGEL HEAT infrared heaters. A large-scale project is being built in the capital city of Vienna, resulting in a construction area of 1,992 m² that uses our infrared heating.

Supported by the Sofortprogramm residential building campaign of the city of Vienna, new living spaces are being created between Podhagskygasse and Pfalzgasse. To be more precise, 100 "smart" apartments will be available for tenants in the summer. SMART, i.e. compactly designed temporary apartments that are available at competitive rates in the Vienna rental market, equipped with DIGEL HEAT infrared heating, and offer a high standard.

The project consists of seven buildings, which are arranged in a staggered manner. Due to the staggered arrangement of the individual structures, a continuous "green trail" is created between the buildings. These areas are used as communal green and open areas with various exterior designs and uses.

More images and detailed photos of the project will be provided after the planned completion in July 2018.

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